On Monday 19 February, at 9 a.m. In the Auditorium of the C3 island of the Directional Centre of Naples, the first phase of the system kích hoạt “Young people of Campania for Europe: Rights, Environment, Mediterranean Diet và Agriculture” will start. During the plenary session, attended by the Regional Councillor for European Funds, Youth Policies, European Cooperation and the Euro-Mediterranean Basin, Serena Angioli, và the Regional Councillor for Education và Social Policies, Lucia Fortini, the training courses focusing on the topics covered by the initiative will be illustrated: Rights, Environment, Mediterranean Diet & Agriculture.The Campania Region, in cooperation with the Campania Regional School Office (MIUR) & the Regional Youth Forum, is following up on the pilot initiative it launched last year lớn raise young people’s awareness of active citizenship và spread an integrated culture of European identity, solidarity, sustainability & well-being by opening up educational processes lớn virtuous behavioural models.The kích hoạt is sponsored by the European Commission Representation in Italy.The project is structured in three phases I) training of trainers II) a competition for young people khổng lồ create multimedia works on the themes of the initiative III) awarding of the best works with the creation of educational stays.The event on 19 September marks the start of phase I of the training courses for teachers in the 100 or so Campania secondary schools that have signed up khổng lồ the initiative, with a view to lớn increasing their knowledge and skills on the chosen topics. The trained teachers will then guide the students in the production of a commercial or a video clip on the topics themselves. The groups of students with the best work will be rewarded with an educational camp in a location chosen for its symbolic value in relation to the topics covered by the training. The educational camps will presumably be held between the over of July và the beginning of September.

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Twelve groups of winners, six from the two-year và six from the three-year courses.The complete announcement can be found on the platform bandi.sviluppocampania.it.



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