Having started out as a U.S. Importer for Indian guar gum(s), the business grew & diversified to fulfill customers’ needs for additional products. Many global suppliers have made AMPAK Company, Inc. A strategic import channel affiliate.

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The expanded hàng hóa portfolio includes domestically sourced ingredients in addition lớn a wide range of globally sourced, high-quality functional ingredients for multiple industries.

Food & Beverage:

• Baking• Beverage• Cereal• Confection• Dairy• Meat• Processed Foods


Supply of a wide range of functional ingredients for formulating Perfumes, Creams, và Lotions

Personal Care:

• Cosmetics• Eyecare• Lotions• Personal Hygiene• Shampoo• Skincare• Sun Care (UV absorbers)


• Dietary Supplements• Functional Foods (aka “Nutraceuticals”)• Infant & Toddler Products• Medical Foods• Natural và Organic Foods• Sports Nutrition• Weight Management


Consistent supply of high-quality ingredients for formulating prescription, OTC medications, cough and cold and fiber supplements.

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Our goal is khổng lồ provide the perfect, value-added solutions for all our customers.

• Strong relationships with key global suppliers• Customized sourcing programs available• As a proud minority certified supplier, AMPAK Company, Inc. Meets all diversity objectives





PLEASE BE ADVISED… AMPAK Company, Inc., a U.S. Based corporation, is committed khổng lồ keeping our customers’ information secure. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility, và that of our suppliers, khổng lồ remain focused on security, khổng lồ avoid any potential breaches, & to resolve any concerns in an expeditious manner. Lớn this end, we ask our customers khổng lồ never include any sensitive information in an email. To confirm all purchase order information & banking details, please call our office at 914.833.7070. Thank you for allowing us lớn serve you & for maintaining safety protocols.